Waste Water Treatment – Products and Services for
STP and Sceptic Tanks

Kitchen Grease and FOG (Fats, Oil, Grease)

Environmentally friendly bacteria are added to liquid waste discharge systems to clean and maintain grease
traps in drains of commercial kitchens. The product reduces/eliminates harsh, unpleasant odours from kitchen
drains and cuts down on harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products and detergents.

Septic Tanks and STP's

Environmentally friendly bacteria are introduced into Septic Tanks to organically treat domestic and industrial
liquid waste. The product lowers BOD, COD, TTS and Ammonia levels enabling compliance with government
waste discharge regulations.

Effluent Recovery


Effluent Recovery systems are designed to further improve the quality of the final effluent from STPs so that
this effluent – after further treatment – can be used for gardening, toilet flushing, cooling tower make-up water,

Further treatment includes processing the final STP effluent through:

1. Sand filter

2. Activated carbon filter

3. Sterilization by means of

a) UV sterilization to kill bacteria

b) Chlorine treatment to kill bacteria


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